July 30, 2010

Sunny Skies Ahead

I finished a project!!!!  It's a miracle when you take into account the amount I'm working, how picky I am with paint colors and the fact that I don't own an electric sander.  Painting two little bed side tables seems like the quickest, easiest project right?  Well, I have to admit...I didn't have any snags.  It was easy.  But time consuming.  It took me three days.  hahahaha  But I DID it!

Here's the before picture in case you forgot what they looked like:

I love the lines of this piece and it has sentiment in our family.  It was my great aunt Syb's before she passed away.  It was tired, though, with water rings on top, two different wood stains as well as two ear flaps that extended the table top but also made it look terrible.  Here's what a little sander and a $7 can of paint did:

Isn't it sweet?!  It's the perfect shade of butter yellow and it's my one BIG pop of color in this room.  This picture makes these side tables seem like they are going to overwhelm the space with yellow, yellow, yellow, but never fear.  All of the neutrals coming in will quiet it right down.  My next project is also a paint job.  I plan to tackle the two dressers next.  Wish me luck and stay tuned to the blog for more updates!


  1. i did my entire bedroom set a while back i'll have to show you some pictures it turned out awesome. i have a question for you though i've had the furniture for a year now and my end tables that i did the top seems to get really dusty and does water rings really easily what did you treat the top of this table with?? i did several coats of poly and i just don't think that was enough.

  2. Thanks, Tracie! Soooo, when are you gonna send me some pics of your crown molding? I'd love to put them on the blog!

  3. Hey Amanda,

    OK let me say this as a pre-requisite. I am definitely not an expert. I will tell you what I know, though. (Or at least what I think I know). The layers of application make a difference because latex paint takes 28 days to cure. So, primer, light coats, sanding in between, poly and nothing touches the surface for 28 days. That being said, I also plan to purchase custom glass tops for the two side tables so that we don't have to be careful about water rings and such.

    If you did all this and are still having problems, I don't know what to tell ya. Perhaps we could start a question and answer section where anyone can chime in with their take!

  4. THIS IS IT!!! I have been looking for a specific yellow for my front door (my house will be a deep gray with deep navy shutters). Knowing how much you love yellow and after looking a paint chips, I decided to look through your blog and BAM! This is it! What color and brand is this? Hopefully I can at least find something close to it. :) yay!


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