September 22, 2010

...and we're back!

I had the most amazing time with my hubby touring the Eastern Caribbean, but it's all over now and I'm definitely feeling sad about it.  What could be better than a new ocean view every day from our balcony, touring distant lands by day and being entertained by blue men by night?  Nothing, I tell you!  Nothing!  It was by far the best vacation of our lives and quite possibly one of the best weeks of our lives.  Here are a few images from the amazing trip.

We toured with Norwegian on their new cruise ship, the Epic.  Even the stairways were beautiful.
They had the tackiest club called the Bliss Lounge!  Hilarious!
We saw so many great shows on board.  Blue Man Group, Cirque Dreams, Second City, a comedy magician who reminded me of a gay Steve Martin, Bernie Martini the piano man, a murder mystery lunch, Howl At the Moon dueling piano bar, Fat Cats Blues and Jazz, the list goes on and on.  They also had an ice skating rink, two bowling alleys, rock walls, three water slides and eleven restaurants on board.

Andrew was a little nervous about getting sea sick, but he did great. ;)  This was our balcony view.
This was also our balcony view.  I love the net of white here.

Every day and every night I made sure to take a picture of the skyline from the balcony.  This was our view of night one sailing to St Maarten.  I love that you can see the moon in the corner!
The first port day was in St Maarten.  We took a tour of the entire island, the Dutch side and the French.  A couple we met on the tour was nice enough to take this picture of us with my camera.  This is the ONLY decent shot of the both of us we got on the trip.
But I got lots of good ones of Andrew!  We took a break half way through the tour to go to a restaurant.  I was expecting authentic French cuisine there, but low and behold we found a creole restaurant instead.  I had my hopes on French, but it was GREAT food (Andrew is at the restaurant on the left) and we also got to go to an amazing French restaurant on the ship.  I even tried escargo for the first time.  Snails are YUM.

St Maarten is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.  We wanted to show how excited we were in a pic, but Andrew was having wardrobe malfunction. :)

Favorite shot all week.
We toured with a Jewish family who practically begged me to take pictures of their daughter after finding out I was a pro photographer.  She is adorable isn't she?
That evening, we were out on the balcony and noticed a tiny  boat pulling up to the side of the ship.  After seeing people hoisted onto the cruise ship we realized they had been late getting back on board and had to get the coast guard to escort them.  Oops.
St Thomas from the balcony.  I didn't go out of the ship this time.  Andrew did a helmet tour and I got a much needed massage.
Nassau, Bahamas.  This was the last day of the trip.  This strip of land in between two sects of the ocean blew me away.  I would die to live here.
Atlantis was very cool.  We did the aquarium tour and then the "aquaventure" which is their amazing amazing water park.  Holy cow that was an awesome day.

The foyer in Atlantis's largest tower.  Crazy, right?
Hope you enjoyed looking through these almost as much as we enjoyed being there!


  1. We are going on a cruise next week!! Makes me soooo excited :-) Great photos!

  2. Fantastic photos, Rachel! Looks like you and Andrew had a great time...I'm sure it was hard to come back home!

  3. Looks like fun... lots of fun! Glad you have such a great vacation!

  4. oh man! i want to go on a cruise like this one!!! so glad you had a great and relaxing time :)

  5. I would love to buy a really nice camera before we go to Hawaii in a month but then I thought it might be easier to just take along my digital. How was it trying to keep up with your camera on vacation?? I guess you're probably used to carrying it around though. Any recommendations on cameras or any settings you recommend on a digital?

  6. A really nice camera will only do you good if you know how to shoot in manual mode. If not, it may end up looking worse, believe it or not! Canon has some great point-and-shoot digital cameras right now that expose for skin tones. I'd go that route. If you can shoot in manual mode, a Canon 20D is a good starter "nice" camera. :) Hope that helps! Have fun in Hawaii, girl!


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