March 9, 2011

Amanda's Baby Shower

I recently helped out with the decorations for another friend of mine's baby shower.  Everybody I know is popping out babies!!!  For real, I don't know too many girls my age who are not pregnant or didn't just have a baby.  It's wild.  

I was out of town and didn't get to help with the set-up of the decorations.  The credit for that goes to Amy, the host, April, Fernanda, and Christina.  When I arrived a few minutes before the party started, I just HAD to get a few shots of all their hard work.  Don't you love it?!
It was a brunch themed baby shower.  Love that idea!
3AM the night before the shower, Amanda was admitted into the hospital for possible kidney stones.  So sad.  She was so looking forward to spending time with her favorite girls.  We decided to go ahead with the party, though, to make sure she received the things she needed (presents!) for her baby boy.  When Amy opened us up in prayer, it was a meaningful cry to God for Amanda's well being.
Amy and Christina also made sure to video tape the important moments of the shower.  Every girl got a polaroid of themselves with a decoration and put together a scrapbook for Amanda as one of the activities of the shower.  After we took the decorations down for the day, we brought a few to the maternity ward and set up again in Amanda's hospital room where she opened her presents and looked through the scrapbook.  
Amanda is safe and sound at home now (thank you Jesus!) but was so thankful to be included in the shower even though she couldn't be there in person.  Amanda, if you're reading this, you deserved every bit of this shower and MORE!!!  Hugs to you, friend.  You are a beautiful pregnant lady and will be a wonderful mommy.


  1. seriously... you should be a professional party thrower! haha!! i love all your ideas!! :) your so creative!


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