March 24, 2011

The Biltmore Mansion

One of these days, I will give up trying to be an adult.  Let me explain...

Andrew and I didn't get a chance to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.  We wrestled for a while to find something fun to do a few weeks later.  First, we thought a weekend at the beach (too much travel).  Then we thought skiing (too cold).  The only thing we knew we didn't want to do again is what we always do when we have a day off - go to an indoor water park.  We decided we were too old for that stuff.  haha  So instead, we ended up deciding on the opposite extreme - we took a day trip to Biltmore in nearby Asheville North Carolina.  It was my first time seeing the house and grounds.  While it was beautiful, it wasn't really my thing.  About halfway through the house, I was thinking "we could totally be going down a water slide right now.  Instead, I'm looking at paintings of dead people that weren't very interesting."  Sooooo, there you have it.  Inside the mind of an adult who thinks like a child.

They wouldn't let me take pictures inside the house (boo), but I did manage to get a few shots on the grounds.  Pretty.
I would die to do a bridal shoot here.  Any takers?

The most interesting part of the day was while we were waiting for the sun to set to get a good shot of the house.  This was Andrew's reaction to my command: "Look regal or something.  Like you belong in a photo with a mansion."

We are so not adults yet.  Thank God.
On the upside, a day trip to the Biltmore didn't fill our budget for Valentine's Day, so we also went to Cirque Totum.  Which we LOVED.  Andrew wants to be one of the musicians in the show.  I want to be one of the frogs.  Did I mention we acted like kids yet?


  1. I've been there like 4 times and I was bored of it the first time. It's beautiful, but it's kind of just a one time thing! ha

  2. You're funny and that is why I love you. :) oh and LOVE that face Andrew - :-p


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