June 3, 2011


I am constantly reminded by my elders that I will be sorry if I spend years of accumulating stuff.  But I can't help it.  It's called nesting, people!  Here's a few things I've purchased lately for mi casa.

This amazingly cute measuring cup from Anthropologie made my day.  Classic on the outside.  Fun and quirky on the inside!
 The Depot at Gibson Mill always has an overload of these blue jars.  If you can't tell from the picture, these are oversized at a foot in height, making them extra fun.
 Urban Outfitters was running a super sale on leftover letters, so I snatched these up.  I think they're going above our back door in the great room, but we'll see.
 And, the grand finale.  The lamp shade is from Anthropologie, courtesy of a recent tip I got from a wedding.  Yay for awesome clients and double yay for awesome lamp shades that go with my bedroom's color scheme!  The base is from Pottery Barn and was definitely a splurge.  I brought home four other bases before this one, though, trying desperately to find a good deal.  When I saw the distressed mercury glass, I knew that was it.
So I guess I'll be one of those old ladies that has yard sales every few months.  But until then, I'm gonna enjoy all my new stuff. :)


  1. I have been dying for that lamp shade?! What was the tip you got to get it?!! Tell me it involved getting it for less then the $100 it costs!! Love all this stuff!! nicolesloanfaby@gmail.com

  2. Nicole, when I said "tip" I meant literally a cash tip. A bride and groom gave me a $250 tip at the end of the night and I promptly went to Anthro the next morning and bought this (as well as a few other things). :) I paid full price for it, unfortunately, but I actually don't regret it! I look at it every day so it's worth it to me. :)


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