August 4, 2011

Family Tree - Rose

Rose is Andrew's mom.
Her day job is in real estate.
She is a master at reupholstering furniture and does needlepoint as a hobby.
I used these things about her personality to come up with this:

Real Estate - the house
Upholstery - yellow upholstery pins
Cross Stitch - yarn

I am now officially half-way done with this project!!!  I can't wait to show off Andrew's.  He's working on his own, which means it's probably going to be the best one. :)


  1. Love that! Sooo neat,and artistic!

  2. Is it possible for one person to be any more creative?! I love them all!

  3. I love all of these Rachel! It reminds me so much of conceptual projects we had to do while in architecture school where we were given a "site" (in this case it would be the white frames) and a "program" (to represent someone). You have definitely aced it! They are all looking so great! I'm looking forward to seeing ti all together!

  4. I love this family tree project. The bow tie one for your dad might be my fav yet but I love this one too! FUN!


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