December 3, 2010

Barker Christmas Traditions

I have always LOVED Christmas.  But Andrew is a scrooge.  When I realized this, I may have said out loud "Oh my gosh, how did I marry you and not know this?!"  Drama queen?  Yes.  To offset Andrew's scrooginess, I decided to create a few new traditions that could possibly get him into the holiday spirit.  The first?  A second Christmas tree.  If it was up to me, we'd have a dozen trees,'s not up to me. :)  This tree has a special purpose, though!  Every year, we make something together for the tree.  It could be cute, funny, or even down-right ugly.  That's the fun of it!  Over the years, we've gathered these decorations and attached them onto the saddest, Charlie Browniest tree ever.  And here it is.  The Barker tree.
Another tradition is to buy an ornament to add to our tacky tree.  We hunt and hunt for the ugliest ornaments we can find.  Andrew's for this year is on the left.  Mine is on the right.  Andrew totally won for ugliest ornament this year.

Since I made an entire tree of new ornaments this year for the other tree, I was not wanting to put a ton of effort into my homemade ornament for the tacky tree.  This is supposed to fun, right?  So I made a family of acorns.  Easiest ornament EVER.  Two felt balls, acorn tops I found on our daily walks with Emma, hot glue, and a power drill to create holes in the top of the acorn to thread the wire.  

I would LOVE to hear about any fun or interesting family traditions you have!  Christmas or not.  But preferably Christmas. :)


  1. So....what does it say about me if I actually LIKE the ugly tree? LOL!

  2. Um, it says that you are FUN!!! :)

  3. Fun! Our tradition is baking and decorating cookies together (from scratch!) and making buckeyes together until our freezer is packed full of 'em. Literally. :)


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