December 16, 2010

Ideas For Next Year

While I'm officially spent on DIY decor for this year's holiday season, I've already started pulling ideas for next year.  I'm SO EXCITED to decorate the outside of the house next year with uplights, festive wreaths and lots of white (and possibly a touch of red) mini lights.  It will be my first attempt ever at exterior holiday decor.  SO SO EXCITED!  I'll also be attempting a cable knit tree skirt, a few more ornaments, the amazing crown tree topper mentioned in an earlier post, wreaths for the hallway, fun soaps for the guest bathroom, etc.  Eventually I'd love to have holiday replacements for every canvas print I have throughout the house.  That means I'll probably have to go out in the snow and take some pictures this year.  Sigh.

I have always wanted a Christmas card holder.  This one is perfect for right above the fireplace and seems pretty easy to do as well!  Get the how-to here.

These lovely cookie inspired ornaments are made from clay and baked in the oven.  The color scheme here is lovely, but it doesn't exactly go with my tree, so I'll opt for a more monochromatic look.
Full DIY here.

Next year, I will definitely do some fun things with wrapping paper.  A gift is so much more personal when presented in a way that the recipient knows you spent time on it.

Now that I have just under 4 lbs of unused felt in my guest bedroom closet, I may attempt a project like this.  It's so simple and so chic.  I know, I know.  It will take a ton of time.  But it's fun, right?!

I need to go through our old photos and do this ornament idea.  It's just too cute not to use.

Do you have any holiday-inspired DIY projects in the works?  If so, I'd love to hear what you're thinking of doing!

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