December 8, 2010

Trust Your Instincts

"I am not crazy!"  I shouted this at the top of my lungs.  It was 11:30pm.  I was lying in bed.  Andrew was snoring, of course.

It all started when I told Andrew of the idea I had for a tree topper I had in mind to make.  I told him I'd love to do something relating to Jesus without being corny or too literal.  So, how about a crown?  A white, snowy, almost mystical crown.  You know, like something you'd see in Narnia or an old book of fairies.  I explained that all I'd have to do would be to cut branches and spray paint them white then add silver and cream touches like balls of wool felt or ornaments or glass balls.  I didn't get through my whole explanation, though.  You see, he was looking at me like I was certifiable.  A crown for the top of a tree.  Yeah, OK.  Whatever you say, Rachel.

So, I dropped it.  I thought maybe I would just buy a star like everyone else on the planet.  Then, at 11:30pm at night while lying in bed looking through, I came upon this:

This amazing piece of art is available for a mere $428.00 from  It's a tree topper and if I could have put a picture to what I was trying to explain to Andrew, this would have been it.  I was planning to make mine for about $12, though.  My screams woke Andrew up, which was so convenient. (hehe)  I then proceeded to rub the $428 price tag in his face until he began to snore again.

I will not be buying a star for the top of our tree like everyone else on the planet.  I will be making a tree topper next year in the shape of a crown, and it is going to be fabulous.  And that's that.

Trust your instincts.


  1. Can you make 2? I LOVE it! :)

  2. We should make a craft day of it next year. :)

  3. That's awesome! Invite me for the craft day! It'll fit in perfect on my tree!

  4. You got it, girl! We should make a little party out of it. :)

  5. I took a different approach to a tree this yr. I live in an apartment with one room mate and wanted a tree but something small and different. I took a few photos and they're on my blog, check it out! I actually thought of you and your love for decorating/Christmas while I was out buying this stuff lol!

  6. That's the perfect tree for an apartment. love!


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