March 1, 2011

finishing the master bedroom

Our plan when we moved into our first new home was to finish decorating one room before starting on another.  That...didn't work.  haha  But I'm determined to be done with the master bedroom before I finish any other room!!!  We only have a little ways to go.  Here's the to do list:

1.  Buy a bed.  I know, I know.  We should already have a bed.  But I can't decide which one to buy!!!  It's a big purchase and I consider it an investment.  I've narrowed it down to these three.  Does anyone have a preference?

Choice "A" is from Pottery Barn.  It's rustic pine and very simple.

Choice "B" is from Restoration Hardware.  It's made of kiln dried hardwood and is dyed to a vintage grey tint.
Choice "C" is also from Restoration Hardware.  The linen is the same texture as our couch, which we love.  The wood is done in the same technique as choice "B".  
So hard to decide, right?!  I love them all and they're all comparable in price.

2.  Lighting.  We're thinking something along the lines of this, but with a darker shade.

3.  Crown Molding.  I am SO ready to get this done.  We need to do two levels of molding like the picture below because of the tray ceiling.  Hopefully when we're finished, our bedroom will look as fantastic as this!

Besides a few more little details like a custom canvas print over the bed and some nick nacks for the side tables, we'll be done!!  


  1. I vote for C - I think it'd compliment your walls and window treatments the best :)

  2. Hmmmm... All the beds are beautiful, but my favorite would have to be B :)

  3. We are also looking for a new bed and I have narrowed our choice down to one which by coinsidence is your B.
    Only problem for us is we live in England and RH do not ship to the uk. So Lucky you because if I was you my choice would be...
    yes B.


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