May 29, 2011

I know I'm a little slow, but...

...I finally bought a bed.  I posted about making a decision months ago and even with all of your amazing comments on which one you would choose, I still couldn't make up my mind.  I know I know.  I'm so slow!  But Andrew and I went to Southpark yesterday and walked into Pottery Barn then Restoration Hardware to compare each bed in person.  And the final choice was {drumroll puhlease}...

Ta da!  The finish is a little less cherry looking than the first image and a little less country looking than this next picture below.  Not sure why we can't get a good picture on their website!

We picked this bed not because we liked it the best, but because we thought it had the most longevity and we liked it best for our room scheme.  The dark wood is going to look amazing against my crisp white bed linens and cheery yellow side tables!

I can't wait to get this amazing piece for our bedroom!!!  We've been married for almost eight years now and this will be the first bed we've ever had.  I KNOW I KNOW!  We're slow! haha  I'll be sure to post pics when the bed finally comes in.  Which will be some time in late June - it's backordered.  Go figure.

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