May 4, 2011

never say never

For those of you wondering, no I don't have Bieber fever.  I crack me up. ;)

I've been thinking about my mom a lot recently.  She's retiring at the end of this school year and I'm very much looking forward to more visits from her!!  While I have always loved her very much, we haven't always seen eye to eye.  You see, she's an extremist and I'm all about balance.  I'll give you an example:

My favorite color is yellow, for those of you who have never read my blog and don't know me.  When I decided to do my bedroom in yellow, I did not paint the walls yellow and buy yellow carpeting.  hahahahaha  Thank God, right?!  Instead, I used very neutral colors to balance out pops of subtle yellows throughout the room.  I think it looks quite balanced in a cheery way.

In contrast, my mom's favorite color is purple.  While I was just a little tike, my mom decided to re-do her bedroom in all purple.  When I say purple, I mean PURPLE.  Purple everything.  Purple walls, purple carpeting, purple bedspread, purple wallpaper border, silk purple flowers on the wall as decoration.  Sigh.  Seeing that room made me hate the color purple. haha  The only other color she added to the room?  Brass.

Did I mention we are different?

For years, I made fun of that room.  I made fun of that color.  I said I would NEVER bring purple into my house.  Aaand here comes the title...

Never say never.

Fifteen years later and purple is one of my favorite colors.  Gasp!  While I still won't plaster my walls floors and furniture in the same color, I've decided to bring some color into the house in honor of my eccentric and wonderful mom.  Here is my mom's section of the family tree for my hallway.  I love the way it turned out and it SCREAMS my mom's personality in a playful and beautiful way.

Love you, mom!

Each of my family members will get a framed piece of art to represent them in my hallway, if you didn't already gather that from recent posts.  My mom loves things symmetrical, is a perfectionist, loves purple, and is a choir director.  This image says this without screaming it.  I can't wait to show you the other ones I'm working on!

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  1. Love it! Great idea to think of family often!


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