August 3, 2011

all things southern, part 2

I kind of feel like I'm getting sponsored to do these posts.  I wish!  haha  But seriously, the state of North Carolina did not tell me to say how much I love it here.  :)

So, I've already talked about how much I adore bow ties, bead boarding, and rocking chairs on this previous post.  I was so inspired as I was writing, that I made two more posts, each with three things I love about The South.

First up, mason jars!  I can't tell you how much I love these.  They can make any affair a bit more casual and...well, southern!  I have a collection of 30 mason jars for entertaining from home that I use all the time.  I got them at Hobby Lobby for much cheaper than it would have been to buy nice glassware.  It's also much more "pro" looking than plastic cups.

If you're lucky enough to find some vintage blue glass Ball jars, they are the perfect vase.  During the summer, I constantly have fresh flowers on my table in mason jars.

Next up, the colorful and beautiful beach bungalow.  My hear leaps when I see these.  Oh man, if we had the cash flow to buy one of these, I'd so do it!  New homes are cheaper than these charm-filled cutie pies, unfortunately, so until I can afford one I'll be dreaming of these!

The insides of bungalows are some of the only older homes that are open, airy and light.  All the more reason to love them.

The last Southern thing for today is Spanish Moss.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  When I visited Charleston, South Carolina for the first time during a photo shoot over 3 years ago, I stopped breathing from the beauty of Spanish Moss.  Swoon!

Bald Head Island has lovely moss throughout the island.  Here's a few images I took at a recent wedding that highlight this wonder of nature.

I have one more blog post on all things southern to go, so if you have a suggestion for something you love about the South leave a comment!  I may be persuaded to add a part 4 with your note!


  1. I agree on all counts! I was just looking for smaller candle holders/lanterns to hang from my apple tree!

  2. Love it Rachel! Lately I have seen lots of DIY blog posts on how to use paint to get the blue glass look. Not sure where I saw it, but it seems to be the thing now. ;)


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