August 9, 2011

HGTV love

HGTV has loads of new programming!  Have you noticed?  I must say, I hope that I have something to do with that.  You think I'm joking.  Well, we were actually asked by Nielsen ratings company in one of our formers homes to view what we watch.  They paid us, so of course we were all for it.  During that time, I made sure to watch what I LOVED and not just what was on.  Why?  Because what I was watched would hopefully get bigger budgets if Neilsen was paying attention.  

Seems to me like they were, because only a few short years later, HGTV is getting bigger budget shows, guest celebrity appearances, and have even pulled high end designers from other networks to start series of their own.  Here's a few new ones that I've noticed:

Candice Tells All
I have to tell you, I was getting a little bored with Candice's designs.  Yes, they are all fabulous.  But they are also all the same.  After watching her do the same stuff over and over again for years, I finally gave up on her show and cancelled it from my DVR.  This new show of hers is a little better, but it's still the same design sense.  What I DO love about this is that Candice gives pointers here and there.  Very practical and useful info.

I love Sarah.  OK that sounds creepy.  I really love her updated traditional style and her show.  I don't really know Sarah herself.  ;)  Sarah has been in television for so long (mostly airing in Canada), but I feel like she's just now getting some of the attention she deserves with her new hit, Sarah 101.  It's pretty similar to some of her older shows like Design Inc and Sarah's House, but it's a little quirkier and goes into some of the reasoning behind her style choices.  Love every bit of it.  Tommy is so funny to watch, too.

I always knew Sabrina had more potential than she was showing in her previous home staging show.  Maybe her involvement with Target stores as their stylist made the peeps at HGTV notice her potential.  Or maybe they just didn't know what to do with their extra budget thanks to my loyal watching. ;)  All joking aside, the concept of this new show is perfect and I am sure I will be a loyal follower.  If you don't know about this one yet, definitely check it out!  What she does in this show is exactly my goal with my house.  High design, low budget.

The Outdoor Room
This guy gives me hope for my back yard.  His designs are really well thought out, although most are pretty extreme.  I'm not sure I would actually sign up for this show myself for fear I'd never be able to sell the house later without doing some major re-design, but it's only because I live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood.  Maybe he'd prove me wrong, though!  Either way, I love watching this show simply because I have no clue as to what to do with my outdoor space.  Jamie is a great source of inspiration!

I have followed Courtney and Robert for a while now.  They were previously on a show called 9 by Design on another network.  While I am so happy to see that their talents have afforded them another series, I have to say... I'm not diggin' their new show.  It seems sooo static and nothing like their personalities.  They are stress balls.  The way they do things is chaotic.  Their seven kids rule the roost.  And those are the things I love about this quirky couple.  HGTV has managed to take all the quirk out and I'm bored.  I may or may not delete the rest of their series from my dvr.  Haven't decided yet, but I'm leaning toward giving them the hack.

So there you have it.  HGTV is getting better and better every season!  Now all they need is Martha.  Or me.  You know, cause we're the same person. ;)


  1. Not a fan of David Bromstad's Color Splash?? :) That was one of my fav's before we got rid of cable...sigh. Miss my HGTV SO MUCH!!!

  2. Love Color Splash, but his show hasn't changed recently so I wanted to highlight some new peeps. Cable is worth the money just for HGTV. haha


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