May 29, 2010

Color Inspiration from Tory and Dean

I follow photography blogs for inspiration often (I think I said this before).  When I saw this vowel renewal, I was FLOORED with the beautiful details.  Talk about color inspiration!

**All images in this post are copyright the amazing Elizabeth Messina of Kiss The Groom.

I must say, this has been truly inspirational.  Do you see how amazing that pool shot is?  I am in love with the turquoise color of the water against the yellow.  Hmmm, maybe turquoise should make it into the room somewhere?

See the rest of this amazing color story here: Tory and Dean's Vowel Renewal

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  1. i know i saw that party on tv and was blown away she throws such amazing parties and i love watching that show because she is an amazing designer and decorator and party thrower


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