May 24, 2010

The Room/The Plan: Master Bedroom

For years I have told Andrew that when we bought a house and I could finally decorate how I wanted, I would do the master bedroom first.  You see, decorating and design goes deep for me.  It's my way of nesting.  All my friends right now are popping out babies left and right!  While that is not in our future, I still have the instinct to nest.  I want to do the master bedroom first as a psychological gesture to the importance of our marriage in our home.  Marriage is first.  So the master bedroom should be first.  In my case, anyway. :)

I have reserved my favorite color palette for this room.  Silvery gray, pale yellow, chocolate and white.  The master plan (insert evil laugh here) is to save money by dressing up vintage finds so that I can splurge on a beautiful bed that will last a lifetime.  The budget?  $2500.  That's including the furniture, new lighting (no more boob light!), paint, crown molding, wainscotting for one entire wall, window dressings and accessories.

Here's where the room is now:

Ugh, it's so embarrassing!  Pathetic at best.  It looks like college furniture and is covered in hand-me-down linens.  Which is why it needs a makeover!  Here's my inspiration:

Above - I've always wanted an entire walled covered in frames and art.  One of the walls of our bedroom will be completely covered in art with our color scheme.  I'm SO excited about this and plan to start immediately!

Below - A sleigh bed that's distressed is the perfect addition to this quaint little bedroom.  It's the only piece of furniture that will not be getting painted and it's a huge part of my budget for this room.  $1500 might seem high for one item of furniture, but I've decided to invest in long-lasting pieces and save on the little things that will go out of style anyway.
Themes in a room can quickly become tacky, but I love anything that can psychologically pull a room together.  So here's the theme - lovebirds.  And everyone says "aw".  Now, don't think there will be birds all over the place.  Just hints of the theme here and there, like this amazingly simple print I found on etsy.  Only in pale yellow, of course.

I am typing this so that I can't back out of it later.  Hear me now - I am going to do crown and decorative molding on our trey ceiling as well as the focal wall.  Yes I am!  I'll save around $1000 doing it myself, but I've never done it before, so we'll see how it goes.  My mom bought me a miter saw for Christmas, so there's no turning back now!  This is one of the cheapest and quickest ways I can add character and value to my house.

The side tables (a hand-me-down from my great aunt) are going to get a paint job in a tone similar to this hutch.  Butter yellow makes me happy.

The dressers are getting a bit of restoration and distressing.  I am in love with this dresser that I found in a magazine with that lovely cream color.  The tops being left in the natural wood is like *muah*.  Another DIY to come!  I am already so tired just thinking about this room! haha

Accessories in layering.  Lovebirds and books.  

OK so after all that information, does this all make sense?  Sometimes I lie awake at night and think otherwise. ;)


  1. I'm so jealous! I dream of decorating all the time. You're doing it! You've devised a plan (insert evil laugh), and you're doing it. Go girl!

  2. Don't be jealous! Join me! You. Can. DOOOOO IIIIITTTTT!! :)

  3. i love the wall filled with frames. i did a shoot at a family's home recently that i wanted to move into the second i walked in. they had a huge wall covered in old frames with old photos of their family members -- it was GORGEOUS! i took a photo of it so i would remember to do it in my own home. :)

  4. Thanks Erica! I am super excited to get that project started. My aunt has a similar story going on in her home. She has amazing style and has always had a collection of old family photographs ascending her staircase. Her staircase is my inspiration, for sure. :)


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