May 22, 2010

A particular distaste for a particular ceiling light

Have you ever noticed that homes are covered with these?  And have you ever wondered WHY?!

I call them boob lights.  For obvious reasons.  And I hate them.  For obvious reasons. hahaha If I do anything in my new house, it will be to rid the home of these terrible looking boob lights!  The full master plan for my first renovation is coming Monday. :)


  1. bahahaha! i am so glad you decided to create this personal blog, and i'm so glad to share my hatred for boob lights! keep the posts comin'. i'm already your biggest fan :]. [but NOT a white ceiling fan.]

  2. Thanks Nancy! Say it with me - no more boob lights! No more boob lights! hahaha

  3. oh no! i have these all over my house and never ever thought of them like that thanks man now i won't be able to look and not think that lol!

  4. Sorry Amanda! I'm glad you're aware of the boob light dilemma. ;)


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