June 8, 2010

DIY: dresser drawer liners

I found these babies at a yard sale.  People sometimes have no idea what they have!  I knew this dresser set was worth the purchase as soon as I opened the drawers and saw this:

Dovetailing makes me HAPPY!  And so does original hardware.  Jackpot!

So, even though the dressers are in great shape as far as structure, they need a bit of cosmetic work. The insides of the drawers are a bit rough, so I decided old fashioned drawer liners with a twist might be a fun project.  Here's the before:

And the glorious after:

Thank you Amanda for the great wrapping paper website!

I am so happy I actually finished something!  If you ever decide to do this for yourself, I have a few pointers.  Use thick paper and cut your paper a quarter of an inch smaller than the actual inside dimensions.  Thin paper wrinkles and bubbles (I had the hardest time smoothing out all those out).  Paper also expands a bit when it hits the decoupage glue.

Next step...paint.


  1. love these drawer liners! so festive. & i am seriously looking forward to your post about your frame/photo wall. those twitter pics are so exciting!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I'm afraid the art wall post will have to wait until I get some prints made. I'm itching to show everyone though!


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