June 7, 2010

Get Inspired: Home Decor Magazines

Every week I go grocery shopping.  I hate grocery shopping.  But I told Andrew that I would do it because he works all day and cooks me dinner when he comes home!  So, to help me get over the mundane feeling of grocery shopping on a weekday alone I pick up a home decor magazine.  I have been doing this for a while and now have quite a stack.  Yes, I realize I'm wasting money by not getting subscriptions.  But a treat is a treat, right?  At least I'm not buying a gallon of ice cream and eating the whole thing every time I go to the grocery store! hahaha

Here's a running list of my favorite magazines found at most grocery stores:

Elle Decor

Country Living

Better Homes and Gardens

The information and pictures I find in these magazines are invaluable!  I've come across DIY instructions on crown molding, an advertisement for what will soon be our new headboard, and loads of storage and organization ideas.  When I find something I LOVE, I stick it in this:

Behold, the inspiration binder.  I hear the choir singing in the background. :)

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