June 24, 2010

Pottery Barn SALE! Part 2

Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why they haven't gotten rid of their college furniture?  We are so guilty of holding onto stuff that doesn't function well, has passed it's prime and is not adult appropriate.

Meet the Spongebob chair.  Or at least that's what Andrew called it when I brought it home when we were newlyweds almost seven years ago.  No one sits in this chair when they come to visit because it looks like it will not support them.  This was the only chair we could afford at the time (it was under $50 at World Market) and I think it's high time it retires.  

And now...the upgrade.  Woohoo, that is one pretty chair!  

PS Do you see that frumpy couch in the background? I cannot WAIT to update that baby as well.  We'll be ordering its replacement in a few weeks.  

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  1. How funny! I probably wouldn't sit on your old chair, either. Or I would, and then I'd blame it breaking on someone else... hehe. Chao!


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