June 15, 2010

I'm Dreaming Big Baby!

An inspiration store is one of those places that you know you can't afford, but it helps you to go there to dream so you know what style to look for at a discount store, right?  Like going to a Coach store for inspiration on purses then finding one with the same lines and feel at TJ Maxx for $600 less.  Well, I went to one of my all time favorite inspiration stores yesterday.  Restoration Hardware.  They were having a major sale on outdoor pillows, so I rushed over there thinking "Oh my gosh!  I can actually afford something there!".  Of course I didn't just look at pillows.  That would have been a tragedy!  I looked at all the pretty little things, constantly checking prices and huffing at how expensive they were.  But I wanted every single thing.  Every single beautiful little thing.  And then...I saw it.

The sofa of my dreams in a crisp, cream Belgian linen.  It's one of those sofas that you sink into.  It's also so deep that when I sit all the way to the back only my feet hang over the edge.  I almost had a heart attack when I saw that it had rolling feet.  AHmazing.  I looked at the price tag with no hopes of actually being able to afford it.  And then...a miracle.

I can afford my dream sofa.  Heart attack #2.  That baby is MINE!  I know I was supposed to finish my bedroom first, but this is a decorating emergency.  It's on sale.  And I must have it!

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