August 23, 2010


No, I am still not done with my art wall in the master bedroom.  Yes, I'm sick of looking at it unfinished. Will you help us decide which ring shot to get enlarged?  The numbers will be on TOP of each image, so comment with which number you like!

#1 (we love popcorn jelly bellies and they're the perfect color)


#3 (taken on our front porch)


#5 (Andrew took this one in our backyard!)

#6 (Andrew's guitar - he was so nervous while I took these)


#8 (the photographer nerd in me loves that there are two points of focus in this one)


Do you have a favorite?  I'd love to hear from you!  Try to think about the photo itself as well as how it will look in our yellow, white, gray and chocolate room.  Hope you're having a happy Monday!


  1. I love the yellow jelly beans, but I think #9 is my favorite. I really like the composition of the lines with the circles!

  2. hard choice they are all great... but #6 is my fave...your photo, his guitar, both your rings...a little bit of everything all joined together!

  3. #4 and #6. Love them! I need to do this with our rings bc our photog didn't get ring shots. great idea!!

  4. i love the color of #1 and buttered popcorn jelly bellies are delish, but really love #6 too! good luck choosing!

  5. #1, especially since the color goes and it's something you like together.

  6. #7--You know why! :)

  7. Umm... can't pick just one - my favs are 1, 4, 5 & 6!

  8. what is the color scheme for your bedroom that will help me make the decision but without knowing that i would say number 1

  9. Thank you so much for all the feedback, guys! We will let you know which one is the winner soon!

  10. Catching up on your blog and thoroughly enjoying it...Keep up the good work. 5 and 8 are sweet btw.


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