August 25, 2010

Design 101: Splurge or Save...or Both

We've been making some higher end purchases for the house.  I've talked about the couch and the bed, but there have been a few others.  It has most definitely put a dent in our wallets!  What keeps me sane, though, is knowing that I can splurge on quality pieces that will last while saving on accessories and art that I will want to change out frequently anyway, all while staying within a room's budget.

Our master bedroom budget is $2,500.  That is about a third of what most of the shows on HGTV get for a room makeover, just to put things into perspective.  My big purchases (splurges) are as follows:

bed - $1500
curtains - $285

That doesn't leave a whole lot of wiggle room for the budget, I realize!  Here's how I justify it.  A bed is something you will always need.  It's a staple in any home.  If you pick a bed that is good quality wood/material and a design that is classic, that bed has the potential to stay with you for fifty years.  The curtains, although a splurge for me, are not a splurge as far as curtains tend to go.  I just had no idea they were so dern expensive.

Here's the rest:

dressers - $200 at a yard sale
side tables - FREE (family pieces)
paint - $65
wainscotting and crown molding - $175
accessories (including wall art) - $100
lamps - $80
chandelier - $100

I already owned most of what was on the art wall, so accessories ended up being less than I thought.  Which means I'm only $5 over budget!  Which means if I watch it, I might be able to buy something fun as well.  You a little black dress or something.  I love budgeting. ;)

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