August 6, 2010

Get Inspired: Photography Part 1

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a blog stalker.  

I've said this before, but I really believe that inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere.  It can also cross boundaries.  A photograph of a couple in love, for example, can not only inspire me to be a better engagement session photographer.  It can also inspire me to decorate with color!  Take these next two photos.  The first is from Jeff Newsom, a photographer based in California.  I am in love with this image and have looked for the opportunity many times to try something like this.  Holy awesomeness.

Jeff Newsom's image not only inspired me to think in more layers as a photographer.  It also stretched my design aesthetic.  When I saw this image for the first time, I noticed how amazing the magenta, robin's egg blue, yellow, eggplant, orange and creams were together.  Looking at how his image had SO MANY colors but still felt cohesive made me think.  Who says you can only have a few colors in your room's scheme?  Muahahaha.  Mad scientist laugh.

I LOVE breaking rules.  Maybe I'm rebellious.  No, not maybe.  Definitely.  But I am in heaven when I see this next image from Anthropologie and how many different bold colors contribute to it.  The trick will be making it not look too busy.  I think with neutral furniture and walls, it will be a balanced space.  My living room is the target for this ambitious color idea and I am PSYCHED!!!

Now, if I can only finish that darn master bedroom, I'll be able to start this new amazing project. :)

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