November 15, 2010

April's Baby Shower

I can't tell you how blessed I felt for being included in the group of girls at April's baby shower.  It was a great night and I had a fantastic time playing host for the first time ever!  April made me promise not to take pictures during the party, but I couldn't resist getting a few images beforehand of all my hard work!  Here are a few highlights of the decor.
Party favors in Tiffany-blue boxes.

Amy Turner did a FABulous job with the invites.  Simple, super cute, and meshed seamlessly with the rest of the decor.
I turned my mug holder into a placement for one the games for the night.  We each brought a baby picture and then tried to figure out who was who.  I loved seeing how competitive some of the girls were!
Yes, that's me.  Go ahead and laugh. I do!

I wanted to have something to give April to remember the shower by, so I decided to do a guestbook of sorts.  Each girl wrote a sweet note to April, a prayer for Josiah, or just something funny.  I'll put all this together in a little scrapbook along with images from the party as her gift from me.  Some of the girls wrote really heartfelt and beautiful things, so I hope she loves it!
The fabric flowers on all the clothespins was one of my favorite projects for this event.  You can get the how-to here:  I used tutorial No.2 for these but I love both!

$4 flowers. :)

I debated on whether or not to do balloons, but I think it was the perfect finishing touch.

I <3 mason jars.  Each girl got a mason jar as their drink glass as well with lemon slices for lemonade, lime for soda and cucumber for water.  It was super cute and super yum!
A big thanks to Tammy for making the yummy cupcakes, Amy for making the fajitas, and Amanda for all the dips and chips!  The girls did an amazing job with all the food and April got exactly what she wanted.

At each of the stations (food, guest book, and party favor tables) I placed a framed image explaining what to do in one simple word.  This was one of the more tedious projects, but I loved every minute of it!  I am always looking for an excuse to start another cross-stitch project. :)
Here's a quick shot of all the girls crammed into my living room.
And one more with me (thanks Makeda for taking this shot).

Also, thanks to Kensey and Christi for adding to the help of the night as well as everyone who helped me clean up afterwards.  You all are a fabulous group of girls!!!  I had a great time and I know April appreciated every one of you being there.  Hugs to all of you!!


  1. I was beyond blessed thank you so much! You are amazing and I am so grateful we are friends.

  2. You sure are creative and go all out for your friends, Rachel!


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