November 13, 2010

Baby Shower Design

I was so excited and honored to host my very close friend April's baby shower.  I have only been to two baby showers EVER and have never hosted a party in my life, so I had quite the learning curve with food, invitations, decorations, entertainment, presents...the list goes on and on! Thank goodness I had lots of help with food and invites.

To get myself excited about hosting this important event in April's life, I did what I always do.  I created an inspiration folder.  Here's a few images I found on the internet that got me excited and inspired to make April's day beautiful:

I love the home-made feel of these images.  It's very southern, very casual, and I think even more appropriate for a baby shower than the wedding these first images were pulled from!

This next image was my inspiration for one of the games we'll be playing.  So cute!

April specifically asked for jelly beans in jars as party favors, so I'll be doing something along the lines of this.

I can't wait to show you what I came up with!  Here's a little sneak peek of my interpretation.  Stay tuned for another post on the whole night!


  1. Great photos and inspirational ideas! I'm hosting my best friend's "baby sprinkle" tomorrow (a gathering to celebrate her second baby-on-the-way) and I really like your idea about the jelly beans in jars! I think they add a really cute touch to the decorations and they're edible!

    I have another question - how will they become the party favors? I also am the creator of a website,, and am always looking for interesting party favor ideas to report to my visitors.

    Good luck with your shower!


  2. Hey Desiree,

    The girls each took one of the blue boxes from the game area (see the most recent post) and filled the boxes themselves with candy of their choice. Finally they tied them up with a white ribbon. It should be pretty self-explanatory on the newest post. Hope that helps!


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