November 19, 2010

Christmas Tree Progress Part 2

I am over the moon for these simple, elegant and whimsical ornaments!  They were super easy to make but a few of them were a little time consuming.
Clockwise from the top left: 

The snow bunny ornament was simply white fuzzy yarn hot glued onto an egg shaped styrofoam form.  A rough hemp yarn as the hanger was the perfect contrast to the soft ball of white.

The hemp ball was done the same way as the white ornament, but it took forEVER because the hemp was very thin and required lots of wrapping.

The capiz shells were already in my craft room.  I bought them from Pottery Barn about six months ago in hopes I could make a chandelier from them.  I made 12 of these little babies by simply drilling a hole through the top and stringing a ribbon to hang.  They are the perfect unconventional filler ornament for this very unconventional tree.

The last ornament was made from a sleeve of one of my favorite sweaters.  I accidentally shrunk it last year in the dryer (oops) but couldn't bear to get rid of it in case I lost 50 lbs or something.  After a year's time and the realization that 50 lbs is never going to come off (haha), I took the plunge and made four of these super cute beaded snuggly ornaments.  The entire tree's concept was centered around the idea of a cuddly, warm sweater on a snowy day.  I think I hit it square on the head with this one.  The beads took forever, but added the perfect touch of glam to the monochromatic theme.  Love!

Believe it or not, there are more to come!!  Check back soon. :)


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