November 28, 2010

Christmas is coming!

My dad was a fanatic about Christmas.  He owned 13 trees.  Every year, he turned an entire room into a life-sized walk through of a snowy scene.  He called it his winter wonderland room.  He also had a 100,000 light display in his front yard that made the paper.  I didn't know my father very well, but I know that my love of Christmas and all things handmade comes from him.

Here's a few things that have inspired me in my Christmas decorating efforts this year:

No, I will not be using miniature plastic deer in my decor.  But the apothecary jars I bought for April's shower will look lovely on my dining room table filled with pine cones, ornaments and other lovely Christmas things.

I'm definitely wanting to do a wreath this year.  A traditional wreath?  Nope.  Something more like this...

...or maybe more like this.  Yes, more like this.

The colors in this next pic are spot on with my inspiration for the tree this year.  This says snowy white winter wonderland wrapped in a warm blanket to me.  I'm feeling the monochromatic look this year, but rest assured my house will never lack in the color department. I have a full sized tree that will look beautiful with this scheme, but I also have two other trees.  More on those later. :)

This could be my favorite ornament ever. LOVE!!!!

I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished product of all my Christmas adventures soon!  Anyone else doing something new or different for decorations this year?

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