February 23, 2011

DIY fabric florettes

I've received quite a few inquiries on my petite fabric flowers, so I thought I'd do a quick little tutorial on how to make these sweet things.  They are quick and easy, even for the DIY novice.  So, here's how it's done!
1.  Cut out 8 same sized circles.  If you are not a perfectionist, this project is for you!!  The circles do not have to be exactly the same size, cut perfectly, can have tattered edges, etc.  This is what makes this project so quick!  The size I've used in the illustrations below are 2" in diameter, but honestly there is no rule as to how big or small so go wild!  I've seen other people use 6 circles instead of 8, but I like them fuller looking.
2.  Fold the circle in half and then again into a pie shape.
3.  Thread your needle through the folded tip.
4.  Repeat until all 8 circles (or 6 if you go that way) have been threaded.
5.  Tie a tight knot and fluff.  You can either tie the knot at the end of the last pie shape that you thread or you can make a loop back to the first.  Either way works!  Honestly, you can't screw this project up.
That's it!!  Once you get the hang of it, you can finish one florette in 2 minutes or so.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  I have used them for garland, to decorate a clothes pin, and as confetti scattered around over a tablescape.  But I'm sure you can think of another thousand and one ideas for them.  Hope you like!!!


  1. Love this! I'm thinking of putting them on clothespins with magnets so they can hang up our save the dates!

  2. Love it!!!! I know what I will be doing this weekend. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  3. Rachel I LOVE THIS! I will so be making some asap! Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you SO much for sharing this!! I'm definitely going to be incorporating some of these into my next styled shoot! :)


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