February 19, 2011

I <3 this: vintage quilts

I <3 vintage quilts.  Even before I realized my affinity for all things vintage, I was an avid quilt lover.  My mom asked me as a teenager what type of bedding I wanted.  This was a big deal, because up until then I was sporting cartoons on my comforter.  My mom thought I'd go for something wild in color and fad-ish.  But no, I wanted a quilt!  I still love that comforter.  It's artistic and unassuming.

Check out these amazing quilts from Montgomery Rag:

I want this one. So. Bad.

How can you resist these beautiful works of art by Thomas Campbell? (found on Decor8)

Quilts have also made it into photo shoots and I am LOVING the results:

*This next collage of images is from Simply Bloom Photography.
*The next 4 images are from Sarah Rhoads Photography blog.  Check out her work here!

Just one more reason I want to learn to sew!!

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