February 11, 2011

little heres and theres

While we are waiting for wedding season to kick off before tackling any more major projects at the Barker house, we have plenty of little odds and ends to finish that won't cost too much money.  The first?  Our master bedroom light.  We bought this baby from West Elm months ago, but Andrew never got around to installing it until yesterday.  To make up for his extreme lateness, he was super nice and offered to patch up the part of the ceiling that was covered by the old fixture.  I was so thankful for the kind thought until I went to see him in action and noticed that he was using our wall color for the ceiling.  Fail.  I guess he looked for the can with the closest thing to white in it.  So, I'll just add that to the little projects I'll be finishing later.  Andrew has been banned from ever painting again, by the way. ;)

So, here's our light all put up.  I made the cord cover out of chocolate brown burlap.  If it wasn't for the gray spot on the ceiling, it would look pretty perfect if I do say so myself!

There are quite a few little heres and theres to be finished in that room.  Remember this picture from an old post?  I was waiting for the perfect images to fill the frame...

... and these three images of our rings made the cut!  I love how the colors fit in seamlessly with the other art on the wall.

In other news, I recently found an amazing place to shop!  It is DANGEROUS for me to go there.  I always end up spending way too much!  The Depot at Gibson Mill in Concord is my favorite antique mall ever.  I just found this amazing side table (left) and collectible apothecary jars in mint condition (right).  The side table is going by my sofa and the apothecary jars in our guest bathroom.  Love love love that place!

PS If you decide to take a trip to The Depot, I have a few tips for you:

1.  Give yourself plenty of time!  Don't even step in there if you don't plan to spend a few hours browsing.
2.  Take notes.  I found it really helpful to do price comparisons.  Take those little jars (pictured above).  They were $21 for the pair, but I found similar ones earlier on in the day for $24 each!  I write the items I like down, the price, and the aisle and store number so I can find something later if I decide to go back.  That way I'm not lugging the whole store with me.
3.  Talk to Joey Reese. Joey is a friend of mine that will gladly help you find something quickly.  He is responsible for helping me score a GREAT deal on the side table that I love so much.  Just ask for him at the front of the mall.  He also has a fantastic booth himself, so be sure to check out his stuff!
4.  Bring me with you!

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  1. We are getting ready to move into a new house and I have already started prowling through the resale shops in town. I don't know anyone that enjoys carefully moving through overcrowded stores, filled with memories of yesterday. I admit, sometimes the mothball/kitty litter smell gets to be a little much, but I love it just the same. Let me know if you are up for it next time you are in town. Heather Guerrant


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