February 14, 2011

how Martha Stewart changed my life

Besides being a genius decorator, Martha Stewart is as influential as they come in the long forgotten world of etiquette.  I remember watching her show ages ago (before her show was live and super popular) and realizing for the first time how important it is to treat your guests with care.  In most houses, the guest room is the last room attended to.  It is usually the smallest room in the house with hand-me-down sheets, no curtains and the storage is already filled to the brim with the homeowner's things.  It's a great way to say to someone who has traveled a long way to visit "you can stay, but I'd rather you not stay long".  When is the last time you remember going to someone's house to stay and wishing you could stay just one more day?  Exactly.  

After Martha Stewart's education on how to treat a guest with excellence, I feel responsible to do so!  Here's a few tips from the Martha Stewart website on how a guest should be welcomed in your home:

*Allot adequate closet and drawer space and provide hangers.
*Have a full-length mirror in the bedroom.
*Have a working alarm clock in the bedroom.
*Invest in a few small touches in the room, such as bottled water, chocolates, or fresh flowers.
*Provide a sitting area with a pillow and throw, an adjacent table, and a good adjustable- brightness lamp in the room your guests will be staying in.
*Provide extra blankets for temperature control in the bedroom. 
*Provide reading material, including several magazines and a daily newspaper. 
*Stock enough towels, washcloths and hand towels for all guests.
*Stock up on toilet paper and other necessities and make sure they know where to locate extras.

You may see this and think it sounds more like a hotel than a guest room.  I agree.  Actually I don't.  It should be so much nicer than a hotel room!  I have started working on the guest room in our own home and am pretty pleased with the results.  From the above checklist, I can cross off the full-length mirror, working alarm clock, sitting area, extra blankets and reading material.  All done!  A few more minor touches and my guests will feel like they have hit the guest room jackpot!

Here's a few shots from my recent guest room endeavors:

I decided to add a few photos on the wall that I had taken originally for my art gallery in NoDa.  Adding artwork that I have made adds a personal touch and makes a guest feel right at home.

I originally asked for a quilt for Christmas for the living room.  You know, something to cozy up in during those cold winter months.  But when Andrew found me this one, I couldn't resist putting it in the guest room.  It's going to be a lovely addition!  Hopefully my guests will sleep like a baby...
I've also added a few prints in the guest bath.

Some other things I've added to the guest room and guest bathroom:

So, just to be clear, you are welcome in my home any time (if you're not a freak and I know you). ;)  While you are here, I'll treat you like a welcomed guest should be treated!  I hope this little soap box rant has inspired someone else to transform your guest room into the ultimate guest retreat!

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