February 1, 2011

emotion to action

I've been reading comments on facebook and on my other blog about my trip to Ghana.  First of all, if you are one of the people who left a comment - thank you!  It is really wonderful to hear that my images and stories have helped some of you connect with what is happening over in Ghana.  

I have been back for a little over two weeks now, but I have to tell you.  Part of my heart is still there.  I pray for the ones left behind every day.  I pray for the 8 rescued boys every day.  I pray for Jake and Chanda who are living there for a year.  Every.  Day.  Sometimes I think, "why couldn't I have stayed just a little longer, God?".  But then I'm reminded of what I felt like God spoke to me on the plane ride home.  The only reason I want to stay is so that I can get hugs from those boys every morning.  I can't offer them food or clothing while I'm there.  I couldn't give them the education they need.  So really, my wanting to stay is selfish.  Ouch.  I can do SO MUCH MORE from here.  I can make money to help support my family and donate to The Father's House.  I can gather needed materials that aren't available in Ghana.  I can raise awareness with blog posts (hint hint) so that my readers can donate as well.  :)

If you have commented on one of my posts, or wanted to and didn't, I'm talking to you right now.  If you cried over the images of the boys in the lake or were moved emotionally by my story, I'm talking to you.  Even if you were the one who cringed a bit when I started talking about child slaves in Africa and quickly changed the subject - I'm talking to you.  All of that emotion, whether positive or negative, was God-given for a purpose.  It's purpose?  In this case, I believe it is conviction.  But how much emotion will it take for us to step into action?

One more story. :)  I heard a Christian singer say on the radio recently that he was praying deeply about the Nashville flood victims of this past year.  He prayed that the Lord would send people to help and that people would be generous with their money.  Then he heard God pretty much say back "aren't you people?".  So he kept praying, but he also gave 'til it hurt and got his hands dirty in the rehabilitation of Nashville.  Awesome, right?

This is a call to pray, and to continue to pray, for the children of Lake Volta and for The Father's House.  But just like that Christian singer, it is also a call to put your money where your mouth is and help sponsor a child.  Some of you have already done what you can.  Thank you!!!!  Some of you just cringed at the word "money".  I totally get it and I'll be the first to say that is sometimes my first response as well when asked for money for anything.  But that "cringe" emotion could just be conviction and I dare you to talk to God about that!  I am not, and will never be a salesperson, so I don't want to shove this down your throats.  But this is too important for me to shut up about.  Someone has to speak for those children.  Please pray and consider giving to the Father's House. 

You can give to this amazing cause by going to the Father's House website. :)  You can also support the cause by attending Ghana Rock!  Tickets will sell fast, so make sure to grab yours while you can!

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